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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1. Plug your rj45 to the lan port of crking and the other is at your lan card...
2. Wait for it to connect
3. Then log-in to your cdrking router by typing it to your browser
4. Then Click the setup wizard.
This is the step by step picture


6. finally LAN SETUP

7. then after doing all of that...

8. Let your globe wimax to be connected to the internet to know if you are connected

9. Plug your globe wimax to your lan card for the mean time unplug the cdrking router

10 go to

type in the username: user password: user

11. Check the status of your wimax if it is connected..

12. if connected...

13. plug again the cdrking router.

14. plug the rj45 from your wimax cpe/modem lan port going to the cdrking lan port

15. then plug the rj45 from your desktop lan card to your cdrking lan port

16 wait for it to be connected... if it doesnt connect try to turn off the crdking router then turn it on again....

17. after connecting try your laptop it should now detect your wireless cnnection and input the password that you have entered at the cdrking router....

it is 100% working to me....

NOTE: cdrking sales lady said to me that it is not compatible with the globe wimax but i still persist and buy it and now i manage to connect it ^_^, because i read at the back of the cdrking box that it supports wireless isp...


  1. Does setting the cdr king router to bridge mode allow sharing of internet connection even without changing any setting in the globe wimax huawei echolfe bm622 CPE?

  2. It worked for me too!!!

    Thanks for posting this!

    - E

  3. i try this in my wimax and G-AP cdrking put when i am in the last pic Lan interface setup before the step 5. TCPIP SETTINGS> WAN SETUP my can't connect its say "The connection has timed out" can you please help me to make my router work

  4. how about wimax connect to wifi tp-link 54?

  5. reset your connection... there is a reset button in your router... then try again in the step 1.

    yes you can share it without changing your router settings in globe

  6. I can't access that :( What should I do?

  7. bakit pag ginamit ko na ung router ko nawawala ung net ko nagbabago ng network access/ pag di ko gingamit ung router naka connect sa network 5 pag ginamit ko ung router network 3 na tapoos wala ng net? bakit gnaun? can u help me. My internet connection is Globe WiMax

  8. does this work if I only have globe tattoo stick e1552?